Amstaff Buckled Basket Muzzle with Perfect Ventilation

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  • Model: M4###1011 Wire Basket Muzzle

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Perfect Muzzle For Hot Summer Days!

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Comfortable basket dog muzzle for Amstaff

Amstaff metal dog muzzle for everyday walking

Are you looking for a Lightweight and Airy Muzzle for your Amstaff boy or girl? That is the right choice if you care how your pet feels while wearing his accessories because wire muzzle has many benefits:

  • fresh air easily passes through the cage and provides your pet with Normal Breathing this muzzle doesn't prevent panting and minimizes risks of overheating to zero
  • lightweight wire muzzle will not become a burden for your Amstaff and will not cause untimely tiredness
  • your Amstaff is able to drink in this muzzle. It is so comfortable for your Amstaff to have an Opportunity to Drink during usual pet walking and socializing

If you've never purchased a wire muzzle for your Amstaff try it now and find out that this accessory may ease socializing for your pet to the most.

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  • Buckle Wire Cage Muzzle For AmstaffThis muzzle is recommended for everyday exploitation.
  • Everyday Training Wire Muzzle For AmstaffNo obstacles for easy breathing!

Key features of this dog muzzle:

  • Rust-resistant rivets and buckles
  • Adjustable straps
  • Spacy corrosion-resistant wire cage
  • Non-toxic materials

Intended use:

  • Everyday walking, playing and socializing
  • Visiting the veterinary and groomer
  • Pet transportation

Sizes available:

  • 6 sizes available

Available colors:

  • Black leather parts

How to measure your dog for good fit Amstaff:

How to
measure your dog
Length: Distance from the tip of the nose to eye line in inches
Circumference: Around snout one inch below eye line in inches
Eye Line: Distance from eye line to the point right behind the ears
Neck Circumference: Circumference around neck behind ears in inches
Width: Snout width in the widest part
Height: Snout height , should be measured with mouth a little open

There should be said few words about practical advantages of this muzzle:

Certified materials. Professional dog equipment is the principle of our manufacture and this direction obliges us to choose only the best materials for creating our goods. This muzzle is made of high-quality leather that is safe for the health of your lovely American Staffordshire.
Buckle fasteners. Straps of this muzzle are furnished with rust-resistant buckles. A buckle fastener is good because: with this fastener your pet will not remove his muzzle - buckles let you regulate the length of straps and thus you can adjust the muzzle to snug the best!
Improved comfort. Nose and snout of your Amstaff are very delicate zones and we protected them from rough metal cage with a help of a soft felt that covers the upper snout.

Note! There is NO strap between the eyes for muzzle sizes: #0, #1, #2 and #3. If you would like to order the muzzle with the front strap, please, note it in your order notes.

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Handcrafted Amstaff metal dog muzzle for comfortable walking

Lightweight metal dog muzzle for Amstaff's comfortable walking

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